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Only the best quality products.  NON GMO Non Soy Non Corn Organic feeds. Supplements and Medicines to keep them healthy and Toys to keep them happy.

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Tour De Coop was a hit! We appreciate all the riders, walkers and drivers that stopped by our store.It was a fun day with Bees and Chickens! Looking forward to 2019.

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Its a Learning Process


If your like a lot of us, we learn after leaping. OK, until you need some help. cHICK n bEES wants to help and here is where you will find it.

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Standard and Custom Coops


cHICK n bEES can connect you  with a local guy that can build you a coop you will be proud to own.  Rest assured you will feel secure about  keeping your new flock safe, predator and rodent free. Which will make for happy healthy chickens.   


Getting Started


cHICK n bEES connects with local breeders to give you a variety of breeds and ages. Our breeders vaccinate, hand feed organic and love on each. This insures you get happy healthy girls. 

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